Hello there friend, and cheers to you, darling!

               Whether its wandering around the last light of sunset, exploring through bustling city streets, climbing mountains, burrowing into the blanket of fog at sunrise, or warming up to a cup o’ joe & tunes in your own home and space, I would love to capture your story in your element, in an intimate, fun, authentic, you, kind of way. Lets create something beautiful.

                    My request is for vulnerability, for you to let me into the space you share between you, of laughter, love, affectionate quiet moments. The matchless, quirky, lovely things that make the both of you, beautifully you, in your unique love. I want to listen to your story, and translate it through a genuine, beautifully visual way, while capturing the feeling of it all. I will direct you in a way that allows for your organic, natural chemistry and the “this is so us” stuff to shine!

Let’s make it happen, captain!

A little more about me:

               Photographs are a canvas for me to express color and life, and has served as a way to connect with people and share in the beauty of their own life. I am jealous and adoring of things that can fly. Dancer of kitchens, singer of showers. Red Head, born & raised. Strong believer in the powers of a good hug, a smile, and a plate of cheese. A good day is one that starts with paint on my arms or charcoal on my hands, and ends with a quirky monkey mug of hot tea. A really good day is one that involves some sort of nature adventure, or experiencing a new place and culture. I live between two spaces-Sunny California, Rainy Seattle, and irrevocably in love with both. Books, books, books. Coffee And Beer. My ears endlessly delight in most music, some and most, are too embarrassing to write in here. My parents met when my dad was a pilot, and my mom a flight attendant. They engrained in me a deep love for traveling and spontaneity that has me always yearning to adventure, explore, and hop on a plane. Learning that deep joy is achieved through the bittersweetness of life, pain, growth, listening to the stories of others, community, and togetherness. Jesus is the breath of my life, the nourishment to my soul, and everything I am, have learned, have experienced, have endured, or have created, is all from Him & for Him. 


Lorraine Mae