Greetings sweet friends!

Holy moly mother of pearl, I turned 25 last week! I don’t know how I feel about it, but I do know that when I look at this life, I am filled with thankfulness for this beautiful journey with people I love that make me who I am, and my cup overfloweth.

I was thinking I might as well just hop on here and do a lil’ greeting! I would love to introduce myself so we can get to know each other a bit more! Eh I might as well do 25 facts! 

1.) I freaking LOVE meeting new people, and spending time with the humans I love! And not many know this about me, but I am actually an Introvert! Sometimes I just need some time to recharge and be by myself to refresh my energy & feed my soul, but I love doing this. And I love spending one-on-one time with people, sooo lets hang!  

2.) Coffee & Beer, Beer & Coffee. And I guess by this standard, dehydration haha.

3.) “Bears, beets, battlestar galactica.” A.k.a, I quote The Office wayyy too much.

4.) More and more, I increasingly believe in the powers of a good hug, a smile, and a plate of cheese.

5.) I LOVE to dance. Sooo if you book me for your Wedding, at some point, I’ll hop on in, because, sweet friend, I just. Cannot. Help. Myself. I have to bust out some embarrassing moves to those groovy tunes with you!  

6.) I love Jesus with my whole heart. Truth time: These past couple of seasons have been a little difficult, but I have felt His grace and encouragement to question more, and to wrestle more with my beliefs, but in the midst of that to keep in consistent relationship with Him, even in my frustration. I crave His word and I delight in who He is, and am exploring this world as His child.

7.) I love fruits & veggies, some favorites are: avocados, brussel sprouts, raspberries, pickles, watermelon, olives, and I am always intrigued at how much you can make with Cauliflower!

8.) I’m a natural redhead! When I let it do its thing on it’s own, it’s crazy curly and poofy, and I alternate between letting it go, or sometimes trying to tame it. In the summer it is a bit more orange-ish with the sunshine soakin, while in the winter it turns a little darker.

9.) Am I so lame to like Twilight?? I mean, I don’t even like it enough to put this in here, but I intend to watch it this week so whatever. On our way back from backpacking in Washington, my friends gave me the best & funniest gift: driving through Forks! It was the wonkiest quirkiest place & I loved it. I think I just really like seeing all the Washington beauty in the movie. Which brings me to…..

10.) I lived in Seattle for 2 years! I get major heart pangs for it on the daily, now that I’m back in California, but I am just so thankful for the time spent there, and I visit there as often as I can. I now living in Southern California, soaking up that sun and pouring gallons of sunscreen on!

11.) I received my Bachelors Degree in English Literature! And my stubborn self still holds on to those run-on sentences, if you couldn’t tell by now. Some books I’m reading right now: Garden City, & The Brothers Karamozov. Books I’ve been really wanting to read but never have: Chronicles of Narnia, and Harry Potter!

12.) I love trees: climbing them, smelling them, hugging them, hammocking in them-all that jazz feeds my soul.

13.) I love when my teeth are stained with raspberries or red wine or beet juice because it means I’m thoroughly enjoying one of the three, and probably with good company!

14.) I love crowded kitchens, sharing meals with loved ones, passing plates, drinking wine, and have been super into cheersing/toasting lately haha, and sometimes following that up with a “Hazzah!”

15.) I am learning more & more everyday about my humanness, all of my many flaws, my insecurities, but I am also learning more and more about grace and forgiveness and unconditional love, and things I’m discovering about myself that I never knew were there and am loving it. There are so many women in my life that I look up to, who teach me about beauty & expression and identity and the power & strength that all of us hold. And self-love people! It is so gosh dang important to work & wrestle with all the stuff going on on the inside to discover that you are loved, and you are worthy of love. Also, I love you so gosh dang much already. Let’s hang so that you can let me tell you how amazing you are!!  

16.) My brother is one of my best friends, and right now he is teaching in Hong Kong for an entire year-and I just can’t handle how much I miss him! Our last facetime chat consisted of me cleaning the garage, showing him all the old VHS tapes we used to watch, and cracking up over our kickass 90’s gooftastic childhood memories together, and how strange and funny and wonderful life can be.

17.) When I was typing this up, I was on a plane, and I was chugging the tiny-ass bottle of gin they give you, @ 10am, because I have developed a random anxiety of flying! Yay! True story: Once I met a friend through turbulence flying into Orange County: Within an hour of meeting each other on the flight, I was grabbing her arm for comfort & asking her to tell me all about her life to keep our minds off the crazy drops with a dollop of ups and downs, which thankfully she was totally cool with & didn’t find me creepy!

18.) The picture above was taken by my boyfriend Thomas, on our road trip down the coast back to California! It is hard to describe how I feel about him in just a few words, so all I will say is that he is the most beautiful hearted human who makes me belly laugh and I love spending my days with him.

19.) I love hot tea, thick diner mugs, handwritten letters (and if I send you one it will most likely have way too much glitter inside the envelope), board games & card games, painting, sketching with charcoal, so many movies, and honestly-almost any kind of music!

-Okay wow this a long post, and I know I said 25 things, but gah I’m going to stop here, because I would so much more love to know about YOU! If you made it through to the end, haha thank you from the bottom of my heart, for reading some randomass stuff about me!! Now, I would love to get to know you: direct message me some little details about who you are, even if its completely random! 

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