I left this session feeling joy and love bursting from every seem of my heart. Andrea & Alex are such beautifully kind, artistic, expressive, and fun human beings. Photographing their engagement session was a very humbling experience! Every look exchanged, every deep laugh, every touch of the hand between these two, was filled with love, grace, thanksgiving, and pure joy. The almost-newlyweds were nothing but bliss, as we all frolicked through the hay fields, enjoying the time and the quiet afternoon. The simple & sincere hum of bees weaving their way through the wild flowers, the dry grass whispering as the wind rushed through them, as if they were saying, shush, this, this is something special, and be still in it. Alex and Andrea, each beautiful in depth of soul & heart, not only demonstrate the Father’s  love, but also exhibits a glimpse into God’s intent of what a relationship with Him looks like- vulnerability, trust, openness, patience, grace- deep knowing of each other; and still loving exactly that. After the shoot, we all headed over to the GypsyDen in Costa Mesa, enjoying beer & wine, deep laughter and good conversation. The lovely and ever-talented Ally was also photographing this fun session! To see her work go to allyburnette.com! It was a complete honor to photograph such a fun and incredible couple, and enjoy the night with such good company.

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